Friday, December 19, 2008

they said we would get socked and boy did we

hi everyone sorry I am so behind in my postings that is one of my resolutions for the new year is to atleast try to update my blog atleast 2x a week among other things. now the questions is will this actually happen I hope so!!!!!! we got socked with almost a foot of snow that started at 5am or so. I thought it would just be like yrs before we wont get it well we sure did this time.
anyways I will be adding a new pic of my granddaughter tommorrow and some thing that I made out of plastic canvas. I guess I am back into PC again I really enjoy doing it again I guess its immediate gratification (u know what I mean lol) I guess I need to go let the dog out and see how much more we got. Snickers loves the snow I dont know if thats weird for a labador or not not sure will check it out
comments are very welcomes on my postings so plz comment to your hearts contents
hugs for now

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