Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Easter soon

hi everyone. I know I havent posted since last month, but I have alot to tell. I was finally able to get my computer to become wireless along with my printer, I love its great not getting a message telling me that the USB port is communicating with whatever or who ever, that was really getting on my nerves, sometimes 30 mins later the printer would start printing things I had sent to it hous earlier I thought it was possesed. Anyways we got a new windshield on our van it was ready to shatter at any time. Earl got me a new "play toy" I love it its so much fun to use and play around with (now get your minds out of the gutter ok plzz). We r going over to my daughter Connies house for Easter which should be really nice we r looking forward to it. Then after we r taking my youngest granddaughter Christina for a few days for easter break, we love spending time with the girls. I know we will have alot of fun. We have some things planned that are a secret, I will let you know if they work out after.
In case I dont update blog before Easter plz have a blessed holiday.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

we r blessed

hi everyone just wanted to check in I know that i said iwas going to write every couple days but its ending up every couple weeks but then I end up writing more so there is more to read and less to catch up on rite? anyways I had to have a mammogram on fri march 13th that came out great NO CANCER praise God!!!!!! Then I went to the surgeon and she said the reason why I was having problems was because there was excess tissue under the armpits it wasnt infected but i needed to still use powder for it. I am too see her in 3 months or actually see her patner who is a high risk cancer specialist no I dont have the big C but because my mom has had it it makes me more of a risk so be it I can handle that as long as I dont end up with it. GOD IS AWESOME!!!!!!! other than that everything is great hubby is still going to school, Boo my granddaughter is suppose to be coming over this weekend to spend time with grandpa and grandma her birthday is soon does that tell u who gets spoiled this weekend. dont worry my other granddaughter will get spoiled as well. got to go for now hope u enjoyed reading my update hugs to all

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I just wanted to vent

hi everyone its almost the end of febuary. The weather has been crappy here one day its 15 below the next its 50 degrees u never know in Michigan. I havent been feeling really great lately am not sure what is going on. I have been sleeping alot as well as trying to manage my mail from all the yahoo groups I am in. The 2 pc groups I am in are awesome I am getting so many patterns from them I have to sit and decide what ones I want to make and for whom. We got the news that our tax refund was going to be late due to a mistake I made everyone has told me I shouldnt be hard on myselve well folks thats just the way I am especially when u r looking to use the money to do this and pay that or visa versa if u know what I mean. Its just frustrating well I know it will come just when we need it most.
we did get our van back, it was the battery but also something called the wiring harness is getting old so if we shut it off and it doesnt want to start earl has to get out open the hood and jiggle the harness andit will start that is until we get another one if they can find one. ALL THIS I AM LEAVING UP TO THE GOOD LORD ABOVE I am not going to worry about it cause worry is fear. and we r not suppose to be afraid AMEN
love ya all plz comment after u read

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I am back in swing of things

Hi everyone just wanted to make a quick note to let you know I am back. Things have been ruff lately. Our van broke down, couldnt get it fixed till this week. We will hopefully find out what is wrong with it friday. Pray that it is minor with a capitol "M". We have been busy every sunday seeing my daughter and granddaughters which is alot of fun and we really enjoy it as well. I hope they do also. I am back into plastic canvas big time and totally enjoying it. I do still do crocheting but not as much as I did before. Well I guess that is it I am going to do some stitching and I will write more later have a great day. BE BLESSED NOT STRESSED GOD IS ON YOUR SIDE
hugs debbie

Saturday, January 31, 2009

I know I am late I was never on time lol

I know I am terrible arent I not keeping up with my new yrs resolution well again I tried and it didnt work. things have been ok here earls surgery on both eyes went swimmingly fantastic. our van quit on us but i know that on sunday things will work out and it will be running again soon. I have been doing alot of plastic canvas and I enjoy it alot more rite now than crocheting dont know why just is I guess. I have posted new pics of the things Ive been making hope u enjoy it. my latest addiction is law and order suv I love watching it and trying to figure out who did what to who besides the butler. anyways its on so I am saying good nite for now

Friday, January 16, 2009


hi everyone yes I know I am behind in posting but I have a good reason its been too cold to even try to go on at nite cause the low last nite was 15 below and the windchill was 30 below YES YOU READ RITE tonite isnt suppose to be much better next week its suppose to be warmer Earl says bikini weather I said yea rite lol. so I am going to end this posting now before my fingers freeze off. (no matter how high u keep the temp in here its still cold i guess that happens when its only 2 above zero rite now rite
I am going to try to do some of my crafts I have some RAK thingys to do

Sunday, January 11, 2009

i dont do very well with resoulitions (sp)

I know I am behind again. Everything seems to happen at the same time. Anyways hubby had his R eye cataract surgery and is doing totally marvelous. He cant wait to get the L eye done now on Jan 21 (actually neither can I cause the drop routine is driving me up a wall- is it just him or is it men in general that are babies when it come to eye drops) I will have fun next sunday doing 2 drops 3x a day in both eyes (I think they are both differant for each eye so its actually 4 kinds) then wed 1/21 he has the 2nd surgery and he will still be getting 2 drops in one eye and 3 drops in the other eye then we will be down to only one eye for 2 more weeks after that then Ill be a happy camper.
hope everyone had a good week and a half that I didnt write anything . I will be getting an etsey acct going very shortly hope u all will look into it

Friday, January 2, 2009

I am going to keep my resolutions I think lol

happy new year everyone. may this year be better for everyone. I am going to try to keep one of the resolutions I made for this yr which is to write in my blog atleast 3 times a week. So here is the first one of the week rite let see if i can do it. I was able to catch up on all my swaps as well as get my christmas gifts out well almost out there is still 2 more boxes which are going out to 2 special people my sisters they know who they are I hope. anyways I am going to go till tommorrow u all have a great evening. hugs debbie