Sunday, January 11, 2009

i dont do very well with resoulitions (sp)

I know I am behind again. Everything seems to happen at the same time. Anyways hubby had his R eye cataract surgery and is doing totally marvelous. He cant wait to get the L eye done now on Jan 21 (actually neither can I cause the drop routine is driving me up a wall- is it just him or is it men in general that are babies when it come to eye drops) I will have fun next sunday doing 2 drops 3x a day in both eyes (I think they are both differant for each eye so its actually 4 kinds) then wed 1/21 he has the 2nd surgery and he will still be getting 2 drops in one eye and 3 drops in the other eye then we will be down to only one eye for 2 more weeks after that then Ill be a happy camper.
hope everyone had a good week and a half that I didnt write anything . I will be getting an etsey acct going very shortly hope u all will look into it

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