Sunday, February 22, 2009

I just wanted to vent

hi everyone its almost the end of febuary. The weather has been crappy here one day its 15 below the next its 50 degrees u never know in Michigan. I havent been feeling really great lately am not sure what is going on. I have been sleeping alot as well as trying to manage my mail from all the yahoo groups I am in. The 2 pc groups I am in are awesome I am getting so many patterns from them I have to sit and decide what ones I want to make and for whom. We got the news that our tax refund was going to be late due to a mistake I made everyone has told me I shouldnt be hard on myselve well folks thats just the way I am especially when u r looking to use the money to do this and pay that or visa versa if u know what I mean. Its just frustrating well I know it will come just when we need it most.
we did get our van back, it was the battery but also something called the wiring harness is getting old so if we shut it off and it doesnt want to start earl has to get out open the hood and jiggle the harness andit will start that is until we get another one if they can find one. ALL THIS I AM LEAVING UP TO THE GOOD LORD ABOVE I am not going to worry about it cause worry is fear. and we r not suppose to be afraid AMEN
love ya all plz comment after u read

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