Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Scanning I am not great at

I am so bad as far as scanning pics I cant believe they came in upside down and side ways. well anyways, that is my husband and I by the water in Bay City Michigan when the Tall Ships came in to harbor. It was awesome. We had a great time. The ships dont come in to Michigan that much but when they do its unforgettable.
The other picture is of my "baby" her name is Snickers, she is a 4 yr old Black, Chocolate, plus Flat Coat Retriever. Snickers is the love of our lives. We used to have a Irish Setter Lab Spanial and her name was Daisey. We had her for 12 yrs . You cant really tell the pics of these 2 dogs apart other than size wise. Personality wise Snickers is more spoiled than Daisey was. We miss Daisey so much.
I cant believe that this week is almost over and Thanksgiving is almost here. It has been a ruff yr for my husband and I as he was layed off a yr ago but we have made it with alot of belief and prayers.
Well thats it for now Ill post some more tommorrow. plz enjoy and comment if u would like
Bye for now
Debbie, Earl and Snickers

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