Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Easter soon

hi everyone. I know I havent posted since last month, but I have alot to tell. I was finally able to get my computer to become wireless along with my printer, I love its great not getting a message telling me that the USB port is communicating with whatever or who ever, that was really getting on my nerves, sometimes 30 mins later the printer would start printing things I had sent to it hous earlier I thought it was possesed. Anyways we got a new windshield on our van it was ready to shatter at any time. Earl got me a new "play toy" I love it its so much fun to use and play around with (now get your minds out of the gutter ok plzz). We r going over to my daughter Connies house for Easter which should be really nice we r looking forward to it. Then after we r taking my youngest granddaughter Christina for a few days for easter break, we love spending time with the girls. I know we will have alot of fun. We have some things planned that are a secret, I will let you know if they work out after.
In case I dont update blog before Easter plz have a blessed holiday.


EdieAngel said...

Hi Sis,
Your site looks great. Love the pics. Love your work. Keep up the good job.
Love ya.

Micki said...

I am gonna miss you girl! Please be sure to tell God hi! I will see you in the future my adopted Sis! Love you and miss you already!